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Biden Trolls Trump

President Joe Biden jumped into Thursday’s trolling of Donald Trump over the ex-president’s “Major Announcement” that turned out to be not a vice presidential running mate or the unveiling of any policy, but a new series of NFTs, digital playing cards, which he is selling for $99 each.

Trump appears to have licensed the rights to his name and image to a company that produces the NFTs, just as he has done for years with his real estate brand. Some online are calling it grifting and a scam.

President Biden Thursday afternoon took to his personal Twitter account to throw some good-natured shade at his previous and likely future opponent.

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Biden touted the decrease in inflation, signing the Respect for Marriage Act which protects marriages of same-sex and interracial couples, bringing home Olympian and WNBA star Brittney Griner, lowering of gas prices, and new jobs.

Unlike Trump’s NFT scheme, responses to Biden’s tweet were very supportive.

Writer Charlotte Clymer added: “And don’t forget, Mr. President: the best midterms performance of any first term Democratic president in 60 years.”

“Biden scoring goals of Trump,” observed The Washington Post’s Philip Bump.

Biden’s tweet made it to the news on MSNBC Thursday afternoon.

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