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Boebert ‘Likely’ Entering Recount Territory as Her Lead Shrinks to Under 600 Votes

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) may be headed to a recount, after her lead against Democrat Adam Frisch was cut in half to under 600 votes on Thursday, more than a week after Election Day.

House elections expert Dave Wasserman of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report explains, “we’re headed to an automatic recount in #CO03, where Adam Frisch (D) more than halved Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R) lead from 1,122 votes to 557 votes.”

The Associated Press offered a slightly different take, reporting, “Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s lead has decreased against Democrat Adam Frisch, putting the tight race for a U.S. House seat representing a largely rural swath of Colorado into the automatic recount zone Thursday with some votes still left to count.”

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“Boebert, a conservative firebrand, saw her lead fall to about 556 votes with new results Thursday in a race that’s being closely watched across the country as Republicans try to bolster their advantage in the U.S. House after clinching a narrow majority Wednesday night,” the AP wrote, adding, “Boebert’s margin puts the race within the threshold that would trigger a mandatory recount in the district.”

“The drawn-out counting of votes has been a result of waiting for mail ballots from members of the U.S. military living overseas to be received,” Yahoo News adds, reporting the race is “likely” headed to a recount.

“The deadline for the receipt of those ballots was Wednesday. Voters were also given until Wednesday to ‘cure’ ballots that were initially rejected for reasons such as that they contained mismatching signatures.”

“Officials in the state expect that the final tally could be announced on Friday. If necessary, a recount could be ordered before Dec. 5.”

Wasserman cautions it is “extremely rare for a lead of that size to be overturned in a recount.

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The New York Times‘ count puts Boebert’s lead over Frisch to a mere 0.18%.

“Under Colorado law, a mandatory recount occurs when the number of votes separating the leading two candidates is less than 0.5% of the number of votes cast for the leading candidate,” The Colorado Sun reports. Like Wasserman, The Sun notes, “Past recounts in Colorado haven’t dramatically shifted vote tallies.”

The recount is required to be completed by December 13.

Boebert is an ultra-MAGA supporter, QAnon and Big Lie-promoting anti-LGBTQ activist, and science denying far-right-wing extremist who opposes separation of church and state.


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