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‘Our little $7,000 dog’: inside Australia’s oodle boom

The desire for designer dogs has come with unexpected, sometimes ugly, consequences. But teddybear fur and puppy-dog eyes remain irresistible

“Look at them, they’re like a box of assorted chocolates,” my friend Rachel sometimes says when we’re out walking. Her Iggy, bouncy and swarthy as a fine dark chocolate. Fran’s tubby, tiny Frankie, fair as a white chocolate truffle. My mocha-toned Lola, prancing and skittish. We gush a bit. “Look at them,” we say, “so cute!

A groodle, a cavoodle and a labradoodle went for a walk – it could almost be a joke’s opening line. And perhaps that’s what the man who passed Lola the other day in Sydney’s Centennial Park was thinking when he shouted, “What a strange-looking dog!” (Note: she’s not.)

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