‘Dark’ Times: ‘Isolated and Meanspirited’ Trump Has Never Been More ‘Irresponsible and Chaotic’ – Report – Rights History

‘Dark’ Times: ‘Isolated and Meanspirited’ Trump Has Never Been More ‘Irresponsible and Chaotic’ – Report

As Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is being knighted by the Murdoch machine as the new head of the Republican Party and the media mogul’s New York Post mocks the former president on its front page in a “Humpty Dumpty” drawing, these are “dark” times for the 45th president’s inner circle.

CBS News’ Chief Election and Campaign Correspondent Robert Costa, co-author of a book on Trump with Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, reveals what’s going on at Mar-a-Lago.

“Dark time in Trump’s inner circle,” Costa reports. He says he spoke “to several longtime friends, donors, and aides in the past 24 hours.”

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“Many say he’s listening to very few people,” and is “isolated, and meanspirited about his potential rivals,” which is clear to everyone who reads the news or Trump’s Truth Social posts.

“Several of them say they’re tired of his rants and are avoiding him.”

Trump, according to longtime top advisor Jason Miller, was quite possibly going to announce his third White House run on Monday, right before Election Day. In thinly veiled terms Trump publicly suggested he was talked out of it.

Costa also quotes a Trump advisor who says: “I have never seen him more irresponsible and chaotic then he is today.”

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“He seems to be in self-destruct mode,” they add.

“It is irresponsible to attack DeSantis and Youngkin, and it’s irresponsible to announce in any time in the near future,” the adviser told Costa, who adds they stressed he should not announce before the December 6 Georgia runoff.

Trump in the past 24 hours has attacked Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis and Virginia GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin, both of whom are being praised in the right-wing press for their electoral successes, as Trump faces growing resentment from GOP leaders.

This weekend is Tiffany Trump’s wedding at Mar-a-Lago, which for most fathers would be a joyous celebration. focused on his daughter.

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CNN adds that it’s storm season, in more ways than one in Florida, and Tiffany Trump’s wedding is rife with drama.

“But even though Tropical Storm Nicole is moving on, the Trumps may still be in for some tumult over the weekend. They’re gathering as their patriarch makes moves toward a 2024 presidential run, a prospect not everyone in the family is excited about. Some of them are signaling they don’t want to be involved much, if at all, sources close to the family tell CNN.”

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