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‘The Guy Supports a QAnon Wacko’: Jimmy Kimmel Records Hilarious Non-Endorsement Exposing GOP Candidate

ABC’s late night star Jimmy Kimmel isn’t big on endorsements but he is endorsing a Democratic U.S. Senator for re-election, in something of a non-endorsement video he recorded criticizing the far-right Republican trying to unseat her.

Kimmel’s endorsement of Democratic U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada mocks her opponent, Adam Laxalt, an anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ Republican who joined with Donald Trump to lie about the results of the 2020 election.

Kimmel put it all another way: “unbalanced people don’t belong in the Senate.”

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“Hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel,” the video begins. “I know everyone has complaints about politics, Republicans complain about Democrats, Democrats complain about everything, let’s be honest.”

“But if there’s one thing I think we can all still agree on, it’s that unbalanced people don’t belong in the Senate.”

“And that’s why I am not endorsing Adam Laxalt and neither is his family. 14 members of Laxalt’s own family back his opponent, Catherine Cortez Masto,” Kimmel says.

“Why? Because they know him.”

“You know, that creepy cousin in every family no one wants to sit with at Thanksgiving? That’s Adam Laxalt.”

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“The guy supports a QAnon wacko for Secretary of State. I mean, seriously, these people think JFK is coming back from the dead. I have some bad news for you, Adam. JFK isn’t coming back. And even if he did, he wouldn’t be voting for you.”

“Forget what side you’re on. Nevada needs a sane person in the Senate: Catherine Cortez Masto. I know her, we both went to Clark High School. She’s a good person, a hard worker. And guess what? Her family is voting for her.”

While he didn’t get into specifics in the 30-second spot, on nearly every issue Laxalt has taken a right-wing or far-right stance, including abortion, same-sex marriage, climate change, voting rights, and more. Laxalt even believes businesses have a right to not do business with LGBTQ people.

On Sunday Jewish Insider reported the “Laxalt campaign paid thousands to [a] political operative linked to Twitter account that denigrated Jews, women.”

“A Twitter account connected to former Laxalt staffer Michael Pecjak has compared abortion to the Holocaust and claimed that ‘Jews are not a religious sect and are a cult,’ among other comments,” Jewish Insider stated.

Kimmel’s endorsement of Catherine Cortez Masto comes just after Oprah Winfrey surprised some on Thursday when she endorsed Democrat John Fetterman for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania, over her protégé, Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, along with a string of other Democrats she said she would vote for if she could.

Watch Kimmel’s endorsement below or at this link.

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