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Another Woman Is About to Make Another Bombshell Herschel Walker Abortion Claim

When The Daily Beast revealed Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker had a “secret son,” it didn’t take long for the media outlet to report there were actually more: Walker has fathered at least four children with four different women.

When The Daily Beast reported that Walker had paid for an abortion for his girlfriend, according to his girlfriend, a get well card, an receipt, and a check – and not just paid for, but urged her to have one – it didn’t take long for more details about that to come out. Walker, who at first denied even knowing who the woman was, ultimately admitted he had written her a $700 check, although he still refuses to admit it was for an abortion. Shortly after the woman, his girlfriend, revealed he is the father of her son and had urged her to get a second abortion, but she refused.

Now The Daily Beast is reporting Wednesday afternoon a woman will step forward to reveal Walker was involved with her abortion — the details will be announced at a 2:30 PM ET news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

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“Allred announced that she is holding a press conference Wednesday with another woman who says she was in a relationship with Herschel Walker and that he helped her have [an] abortion,” The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger, who broke the other Walker stories, reports.

“The alert from Allred says that the woman will allege that the football legend, who is now running for Senate in Georgia, drove her to the clinic to terminate the pregnancy. The woman plans to remain anonymous and will provide evidence of her romance with Walker, the attorney said.”

Citing Allred’s office, Radar adds the woman will “allege that she had a romantic, intimate relationship with Herschel Walker and that he drove her to an abortion clinic to have an abortion after she became pregnant as a result of her relationship with him.”

Walker is stridently anti-abortion, has said he is one-hundred percent “pro-life,” and opposes all abortion, even without exceptions for rape, incest, and life and health of the mother, CNN reports. In his debate against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, Walker appeared to change his position on stage.

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“Walker said that he supports Georgia’s law, which bans abortions after about six weeks but makes exceptions for cases of rape or incest, pending a timely police report, and in some cases where the pregnant person’s health is at risk,” CNN says.

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