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‘Pronoun?’: Tom Cotton Laughs as Herschel Walker Mocks Transgender Service Members (Video)

Appearing at a campaign even Tuesday embattled Republican Senate nominee for Georgia, Herschel Walker, mocked transgender service members to his supporters as U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), stood by and laughed. Walker has never served in the military despite his recent false claims of having had a “military career.”

“Hey, just think about it: Pronoun? In our military?” mocked Walker, 60, whose own son is gay.

“How do you identify? In our military? These are war times. What happened to pushups?” hew asked as the crowd laughed. “Situps?”

“‘Cause I can tell you right now, China, Iran, and Russia not talking about ‘pronouns,’” he said derogatorily, as Sen. Cotton, who has been called a “dangerous extremist,” laughed.

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“I’ve been very fortunate in the business world. I’ve been very fortunate in my military, uh, career – that I was doing a lot of things in the military,” Walker claimed last month.

“Walker has never served in the military,” CNN reports Tuesday in a well-timed fact check. “Rather, he has worked as a paid spokesman for a for-profit company that runs a mental health program for servicemembers and veterans. While Walker has visited numerous military bases to discuss mental health and other issues, it’s misleading at best – and arguably just false – to refer to a military ‘career’ or to claim that he did anything ‘in the military.’”

None of that stopped Walker from mocking people who actually have served and died for their country.

A 2014 study found there were an estimated 15,500 transgender members of the U.S. Armed Forces. That study also found “an estimated 134,300 transgender individuals who are veterans or are retired from Guard or Reserve service.”

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In 2018, via a series of tweets, then-President Donald Trump banned all transgender troops from serving in the military. President Joe Biden rescinded that order, which some say was unconstitutional, during his first week in office.

Walker has come under fire for a series of scandals, including hiding at least two if not three of his four known children from the public, despite portraying himself as a great dad while lambasting Black fathers for not helping to raise their children. After news broke last week he had paid for an abortion for his girlfriend, his son, Christian Walker, one of his top supporters, berated his father very publicly and repeatedly.

Christian Walker accused his father of lying and said, despite Herschel Walker’s condemnations of Black dads, he did “nothing” to help raise him.

That’s just one of many scandals swirling around Walker.

“In 2020 and 2021, he was a serial promoter of false claims about the 2020 election,” CNN also reports Tuesday. “In the years prior, he repeatedly exaggerated his academic record and business record. And in 2022, Walker has made inaccurate claims about a variety of subjects – once even falsely claiming he never made a false claim that he had actually made on camera at least twice.”

“Walker’s campaign has aired a fall campaign ad in which Walker looks into the camera and claims that Warnock ‘called police ‘thugs,’ then cut their funding,’” CNN adds, calling that “false.”

Sen. Cotton is campaigning with Walker, as is Senator Rick Scott (R-FL). Both are believed to have presidential aspirations.

Cotton has come under fire for what some say are false claims about his military career.

Walker is challenging Democratic U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock.

Watch the video of Sen. Cotton and Herschel Walker below or at this link.


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