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Why we can’t get enough of cyberpunk cats and wild apes

From a ginger-haired hero to a simian star, these role-playing games let you inhabit the spirit of a creature – claws and all

Welcome back to Pushing Buttons, folks! Readers in Britain, I hope neither you nor your games consoles are melting in the heat. But at least you’re not covered in fur.

Speaking of animals, I reviewed the cyberpunk cat game Stray this week, and it’s turned out to be much more than the shallow meme generator one might have expected based on its name. Like the 2019 comedy hit Untitled Goose Game, what elevates it is how completely you inhabit the spirit of the animal you control. In Stray, you’re a wild ginger cat: you scratch things you shouldn’t, you push things from high shelves, you find cosy places to curl up and purr, you endear yourself to the robotic denizens of an underground city. In Untitled Goose Game, you honk, chase and cause chaos, because you are horrible and you delight in your horrible gooseness. Fully committing to the role is fun in itself.

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