Watch: Matt Gaetz Obscenely Attacks Ted Cruz

During a wild press conference Thursday afternoon Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered extremist remarks cloaked as the “Republican response” to January 6.

At one point a reporter asked Congresswoman Greene if she agreed with Senator Ted Cruz who said on Wednesday that the January 6 insurrection was a “terrorist attack.

Greene adamantly disagreed with the Republican from Texas.

“Absolutely not. I think Sen. Cruz is smart enough to know since he’s an attorney that no one’s been charged with terrorism, just like no one’s been charged with insurrection. I think that was very irresponsible of him to call them ‘terrorists’ and I completely disagree.”

Gaetz appeared to interject, offering up a markedly different response.

“The establishment will never love you Ted,” he declared, smiling, almost gleefully. “You know, you can, you can can bend over, at bended knee, for them, but they’re just not going to love you. I think that was made clear by the good Senator who we agree with on many, many things to recast himself in the eyes of some of the folks in your profession,” he told the reporter.

Cruz, seen by many as the original leader of the insurrection, has been under assault from the right after he made an about face Wednesday, disavowing the insurrectionists.


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