‘Something Not Right Here’: Critics Respond to Viral Videos of ‘Very Unwell’ Ron DeSantis ‘Seemingly Gasping for Air’

Just days after reappearing in public following a two-week disappearance Ron DeSantis delivered a speech Wednesday causing critics to express concern for his health. Several videos of DeSantis, garnering nearly one million view in just a few hours, have gone viral.

“Something is not right here,” observed the activists at, posting disturbing video and describing the Florida Republican governor as “seemingly gasping for air,” and “on the verge of tears.”

Florida Politics today reported DeSantis “has only received one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.”

Attorney and activist Ron Filipkowski, a former DeSantis appointee who resigned over the far right wing governor’s COVID policies, said “Desantis looked and sounded very unwell today.”

“Out of breath throughout the whole speech, pausing at several moments to say ‘excuse me’ while gasping for air,” writes epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, “the governor of Florida doesn’t seem well.”

Journalist Kaz Weida noted, “I have avoided speculating on what’s up with DeSantis disappearing for the past few weeks but this is pretty compelling evidence that something is going on.”

DeSantis has taken a highly-controversial approach the the coronavirus pandemic, choosing to discourage vaccines and preventive measures like masks and social distancing, while promoting treatments that happen to be made by a company invested in by one of his top donors.

Many over the past few weeks claimed DeSantis’ disappearance was proof he had contracted the deadly coronavirus, despite the governor not announcing any health issues. His press secretary pushed back, attacking critics and claiming he was taking care of his wife as she undergoes treatment for cancer. Just days ago on New Year’s Eve DeSantis and his wife appeared on stage at a Christian music concert. Despite her immunocompromised condition, no one was wearing masks.

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