Top Trump Aide: Vaccinating Children Is ‘Murder in Some Cases’

Peter Navarro, the Trump White House’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and a conspiracy theorist who has called Dr. Anthony Fauci the “father” of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, is falsely stating that inoculating children against the deadly disease is “child abuse” or “murder,” while also serving up fear-mongering medical claims.

Tueaday morning on Newsmax Navarro first blamed President Joe Biden for two years of the coronavirus pandemic. Biden has been president less than one year – Navarro’s former boss was president and laid the groundwork for America’s deplorable response to the disease that has now claimed nearly 850,000 U.S. lives.

Then he railed against vaccinating children for the coronavirus, a disease also kills children.

Nearly 8 million minors have already tested positive for COVID-19, about ten percent of all U.S. children, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Navarro ignores those statistics, and the fact that in the last week of December the U.S. saw a 64% increase in COVID cases in kids: “For the week ending December 30th, over 325,000 child COVID-19 cases were reported.”

Calling COVID vaccines for children “jabs for kids,” he says, “it’s child abuse at a minimum and murder in some cases.”

Falsely claiming that young male children “have a one in 2700 chance of that child developing what’s called myocarditis. Which is inflammation of the heart line. And it’s something that could be with that child’s through his adult life.”

Unlikely, according to the American Heart Association, which in early December of last year published an article declaring “Young people recover quickly from rare myocarditis side effect of COVID-19 vaccine.”

Citing a new study the AHA adds, “no patients died” of myocarditis, adding: “Most adolescents and young adults with suspected myocarditis following a COVID-19 vaccination experience mild symptoms and rapid clinical recovery, though many had evidence of continued heart inflammation,” while calling them “very rare risks.”

Navarro is reportedly unvaccinated.

Watch Navarro:

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