Wildfire Takes Hundreds of Colorado Homes – Residents Scramble for Cover

CNN is reporting that “a vicious wildfire that began Thursday morning in Boulder County, Colorado, swallowed about 1,600 acres in a matter of hours, burning hundreds of homes and prompting orders for some 30,000 people across two communities to evacuate.”

Nearly 380 homes were destroyed in a single subdivision “just west of the town of Superior, while another 210 homes may have been lost in Old Town Superior, the Boulder County sheriff said Thursday. No deaths or missing people were reported immediately.”

“One minute, there was nothing. Then, plumes of smoke appeared. Then, flames,” Andy Thorn, a resident of Boulder Heights, Colorado, told CNN. “Then, the flames jumped around and multiplied. Now, we’re just thinking about everyone who lost their home and all the firefighters and first responders who do so much for all of us in times like this.”

Wind gusts Thursday pushed the blaze “down a football field in a matter of seconds,” Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said.
“There’s no way,” he said, “to quantify in any financial way, the price of a loss — of losing the chair that was handed down to you from your grandmother, of losing your childhood yearbooks, of losing your photos, of losing your computer files — which hundreds of Colorado families have experienced today with no warning.”

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