Thirty invitations to a shotgun wedding | Brief letters

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Alison Steadman | Tory resignations | British summer time | Rishi Sunak | Life outside central London | Covid restrictions

I enjoyed your interview with Alison Steadman (24 September). What an admirable person she is. She mentions that she “donates her old hair to the birds”. I used to put out hair at nesting time until I saw an article by the RSPB in which it asked that people didn’t do this as small birds can find their legs trapped as the hair tightens around them.
Elizabeth Brewer
Presteigne, Powys

• I sympathise with those who want to resign because of the government’s attitude to breaking international law (Robert Buckland urged to join Lord Keen in quitting over Brexit bill, 17 September), but won’t this leave us with only those officials who are happy about it?
Aileen Taylor
Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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