‘Silencing a Rape Victim’: Barr Slammed After Spokesperson Admits DOJ Took Over Trump Rape Denial Case to Kill It

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Attorney General Bill Barr and his Dept. of Justice are taking heat after spokesperson Kerri Kupec admitted that by the DOJ taking over President Donald Trump’s rape denial case it will have killed it.

“Once the case shifts to fed court, it becomes an issue of sovereign immunity. Meaning, case over,” Kupec, a former legal counsel and communications director for the conservative Christian anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, tweeted Thursday night.

Trump is being sued by E. Jean Carroll, a journalist who is accusing the president of raping her in a Manhattan luxury goods store in the mid-1990’s. Trump denied the claim, as he often does by insisting she isn’t his “type.” Carroll sued Trump for defamation. She is represented by prominent attorney Roberta (“Robbie”) Kaplan, whose Supreme Court argument led to the end of the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act.

Kupec apparently was trying to stifle dissent by noting that the federal government cannot be sued for defamation.

Many Americans are furious that Barr appears to have taken over the role of Trump’s personal attorney. By taking the case, and substituting the federal government for Trump as defendant, some are also concerned about the use of taxpayer dollars.

Kupac snarkily tried to push back against that:

She was unsuccessful, creating more anger and misinformation:

Here’s noted former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, now a University of Michigan Law professor and NBC/MSNBC legal analyst:

University of Texas Law professor of law:

Noted national security and civil liberties journalist Marcy Wheeler:

New York State Assembly District Leader:


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