Empty promises won’t protect farm animals | Letter

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Parliament must not renege on its duty to safeguard the UK’s animal welfare standards post-Brexit, argues Chris Sherwood

As Lords meet next week to discuss the agriculture bill, parliament is faced with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect the UK’s farm animal welfare standards. Failure to act now could result in a catastrophic weakening of the hard-won protections for millions of animals in this country.

With three months until Brexit and the increasing risk of no deal with our European neighbours, and as a net importer of nearly 40% of our food, the vast majority coming from the EU, the government has to feed the nation. Manifesto promises and parliamentary pronouncements guaranteeing to protect our higher welfare standards as we seek new trade deals around the globe have not been backed up by the legal protections essential to ensure the government does not roll back on its commitment to protect British farmers and their animals.

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