McEnany: Trump Trying to ‘Enfranchise’ Voters by Telling Them to Vote Twice (Video)

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Refusing to say that voting twice is illegal, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday said President Donald Trump was merely trying to “enfranchise” voters by telling them – two days in a row – to vote not once but twice, which is illegal.

McEnany blamed “the media” for supposedly taking the president’s comments “out of context,” but multiple videos along with his own tweets make quite clear he did instruct voters to vote twice.

“The President does not condone unlawful voting,” McEnany told reporters. “The President’s been very clear about this,” she added, falsely.

McEnany then chastised CNN’s Jonathan Karl for “missing a very crucial line from the President’s remarks.”

Ignoring that many different states have many different processes, McEnany went on to say that “a lot of states have what are called electronic poll books and what this means is that in real time this is updated so if your vote is counted, they check the electronic poll book, and you will not be able to vote in person because your vote has been counted.”

(NCRM has not verified that claim.)

Attempting to vote twice, however, is still a crime.

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“So what Democrats want you to do is say, ‘Trust us, but don’t verify. Don’t verify that your votes have been counted,’” McEnany also falsely accused.

“This President’s trying to enfranchise Americans, which is exactly what he’s been saying he wants every American to have a vote.”

She went on to cherry-pick a quote from former President Jimmy Carter about mail-in voter fraud.

(Here’s Carter’s statement on voter fraud and the 2020 elections, which McEnany chose to not share, which negates her remarks.)

Here’s the White House press secretary:

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