The 2020 Stop Extinction Challenge is underway!

Today is the 2020 Stop Extinction Challenge! This annual advocacy event is our way of engaging activists in support of endangered species in the month that Congress is on recess and back in their home states.

This year, the visits are virtual with activists Zoom-ing or calling into Senate offices but the message is the same: Protect endangered species and the successful and urgently-needed Endangered Species Act.

Activists in 26 states will meet virtually with Senate offices to speak out for endangered plants and animals and legislation to protect them.

It’s not too late to be a part of the Stop Extinction Challenge! You can Tweet and email your senators and follow up with a call: (877) 665-0388

2020 has been challenging for everyone–wildlife included. The recent Round Two attacks on the Endangered Species Act by the Trump Administration put the future of habitat protection in doubt. This comes on the heels of the administration’s radical changes to its responsibilities under the Act. All of this puts the future of our wildlife and wild places in terrible jeopardy during an already-perilous time.

The Senate needs to hear from you! Please email or tweet or call today: (877) 665-0388

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