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For about 20 years I commuted between Oxford and Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales. As I left Leeds for Nidderdale the skies got emptier and emptier, not a single bird in the sky, yet when I returned to Oxford there was my sparrowhawk, ready for the plentiful supply of small birds. Red kites gliding overhead, kestrels by the motorway, hobbies on the banks of the River Thames and buzzards over the green belt. This wildlife crime of grouse shooting is way out of date (Call for grouse shooting to be licensed amid rise in bird of prey deaths, 12 August).
Elaine Steane

• “Long drives are more bearable if broken up with enjoyable stopoffs” (Travel, 15 August). Perhaps this article should be shared with Dominic Cummings and his wife after their remarkable “264-mile non-stop journey” as they may not be Guardian readers?
Malcolm Corbould
Horsham, West Sussex

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