#FacistTrump and #Gestapo Trend as Outrage Spreads Over Homeland Security’s ‘Occupying Army’ in Portland

An Oregon Public Broadcasting report has gone viral, revealing to many Americans waking up to learn that President Donald Trump’s Dept. of Homeland Security has an “occupying army,” as U.S. Senator from Oregon Ron Wyden and others have noted, in the American city of Portland, Oregon.

In short, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has sent armed federal forces, including camouflaged SWAT teams, to Portland to attack largely-peaceful protestors who alleged illegal acts – according to Wolf himself – include mostly painting graffiti onto a federal courthouse, and breaking some windows and a door.

Wolf repeatedly calls these demonstrators “violent extremists,” and “violent anarchists,” and is vowing to “never surrender” to them. Meanwhile, as OPB documented, Wolf’s unmarked, secret police forces are snatching demonstrators off Portland’s public streets and detaining or arresting them, possibly illegally.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon reposted this video. It’s received 8 million views so far.

He also offered President Trump some advice.

Orgeon Governor Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler have asked Wolf to remove his troops. On national television, he refused, declaring, “Not on my watch.”

Sen. Wyden beat acting Sec. Wolf to the “not on my watch” promise:

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts decried Trump’s “secret police force.”

As the news spreads, on social media many are tweeting with the hashtags #FacistTrump and #Gestapo, and tweeting Wolf’s name. All are trending.

Here’s a sampling:



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