Shocking News! California’s Foie Gras Ban Has Just Been Reversed After A Controversial Court Ruling

Sadly, California’s foie gras ban has been reversed making it legal once again to serve this so-called “delicacy” consisting of the diseased livers of ducks and geese.

The news follows the controversial decision on Tuesday by U.S. Central District of California Court Judge Stephen V. Wilson, who ruled that foie gras, which is made from the fattened livers of force-fed ducks and geese, can be sold in California restaurants as long as it is delivered from out of state by a third party. Ridiculous!

Ducks and Geese are cruelly and inhumanely force-feed through tubes shoved down their throats so that their livers are painfully enlarged to up to 10 times their normal size.

As previously reported by WAN, California’s ban has been subject to a prolonged legal challenge by the foie gras industry since lawmakers placed a ban on the production and sale of foie gras in 2004. The law went into effect in 2012. In January 2019, the United States Supreme Court, for the second time, denied the foie gras industry’s plea to take its case.

The foie gras industry responded by filing yet another amended complaint to challenge the constitutionality of the law, which was subsequently dismissed in January of this year.

However, the court left open a narrow window for the challengers to try to substantiate their request that the ban not apply to out of state producers seeking to sell foie gras to California buyers.

Unfortunately, this time, the judge agreed with the plaintiffs, comprised of out-of-state foie gras producers, who claimed that they lost nearly a third of sales due to California’s foie gras ban.

“There is no principled way to distinguish between foie gras produced out of state and transported into California by the purchaser, and that which is delivered by a third party,” Judge Wilson stated in an official court document.

The decision to overturn the ban will undoubtedly cause increased outrage by animal advocates everywhere who have long fought to ban the sale of foie gras. There will be more petitions, like this one, which continues to call for the California foie gras ban to be reinstated.

Please sign this petition to help urge California State Officials to reinstate the foie gras ban HERE!

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