Team Lioness: the Kenyan women rangers risking their lives for wildlife

The coronavirus lockdown adds to challenges for those on the frontline of the war against poaching

  • Words and photographs by Georgina Smith

Her black boots brushing through swathes of yellow-brown bush, 24-year-old Purity Amleset is feeling tense. But fear is just part of the job, she says, as she patrols her section of the 147,000-hectare (363,000-acre) community land around Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, a Unesco-designated biosphere reserve.

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Team Lioness on patrol around Kenya’s Amboseli National Park

On duty and liaising with the local community

Team members maintain a rigorous fitness regime

Before, us females were seen as a weak point … But now we have been recognised

Gathering information from the local community is a key part of the job

Team Lioness enjoying their free time back at camp

Team selfie

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