‘Cottagecore’? Here we call it cow shit | Brief letters

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Thanks to your correspondent for introducing us rural folk to “cottagecore” – “the latest trend of whimsical outdoor living” (David Beckham leads the way as men flock to ‘cottagecore’ look, 3 July). In Somerset, we call “the romantic sheen of rural life” by the name “mud”, or sometimes “cow shit”. As for city dwellers “daydreaming about pastoral settings, where one could be cosy and feel free from disease”, the farmer in our village who went to Cheltenham races is much missed. He was buried in our pastoral setting some weeks ago.
Terry Gifford
Wookey, Somerset

• People from Hong Kong who come to the UK (Report, 2 July) should be advised to keep all paperwork, however insignificant, in case some future government decides they or their children must prove their right to remain, despite years of paying taxes and contributing to the country.
Christine White
Bingham, Nottinghamshire

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